The difference between swiss machine and CNC lathe in market competition

In the field of modern industrial processing, especially the metal processing industry, coring machines and CNC lathes are very important instruments and are widely used by manufacturers of all sizes. Although both are used for cutting and processing, there is a big difference between the two . At the same time, due to multiple significant advantages in terms of work performance and cost of use, the walk-through machine occupies a high share in the same market.

CNC lathe is an automated machine tool. Its main working principle is to move and cut workpieces by turning tools. It is widely used in the processing field for complex workpieces such as straight or diagonal cylinders, arcs, and grooves. However, because CNC lathes have only four One tool position, so when dealing with small and slender workpieces that require high precision, it is stretched, and the maintenance cost of the machine is high during use.

The full name of the walk-through machine is the walk-through CNC lathe, which is called the longitudinal-cut lathe in China. The working principle of the centering machine is to cut and move the work piece with a fixed turning tool, and it can complete the composite swiss machining of multiple processes such as drilling, engraving and boring at a time. Because the largest processing diameter is only 32 mm, it is very popular in the precision shaft processing market. Favored Swissmachine.

The origin of development

The heart-moving machine first originated in Switzerland. It was originally used only for the processing and processing of military equipment. Later, due to the increased market demand, it was gradually improved and used in the private sector. Compared with similar markets in developed countries in Asia, China’s machine tools started relatively late. Before the 1990s, they mainly relied on imported machinery to meet industrial needs. With the improvement of technology and the gradual expansion of market demand, many domestic powers have emerged. Scheming manufacturer.

Compared with the CNC lathe, the core walking machine has a substantial improvement in function, especially the efficiency and degree of processing are higher than the CNC lathe. The advantages of the walk-through machine are mainly reflected in three aspects. First, the processing procedure is shortened, and the required process can be completed in one installation, which greatly reduces the production time of the workpiece; second, the processing accuracy is improved, and unnecessary errors are avoided because the number of installation times is reduced. Through in-situ inspection and control of key data, the processing accuracy is effectively improved. Third, the production cost is reduced. Due to the small footprint and low maintenance costs, the fixed asset investment and production costs are effectively reduced. These are precisely the tactics that are more popular in the market. The main reason is.

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