The difference between turning and milling machine and CNC machining center

Machining center: mainly used for milling! Only X; Y; Z three-axis articulated Z axis is generally the positioning axis of the power axis (longer life, in this case, the special plane is not), turning and milling compound machine: also known as the 5-axis head machining center double power. In addition to milling, you can also rotate! This machine is used for the first time to process propellers! By avoiding 2 clampings, loss of accuracy and loss of reference!

  • 1. The turning-milling complex machining center is a machine tool that can perform turning and milling through the linkage of axis B and axis C. It can be said that all or most of the processing of the parts can be completed in the cnc turning and milling machine. The reason is also to name the small production line. It not only improves the product accuracy and efficiency of processed products, but also saves machine space. In the past, it was necessary to complete a part in several machines, and now it only takes one day to complete all the processing. This type of machine tool can also be divided into vertical milling and compound turning and horizontal turning and milling. In Europe and Japan, these machine tools are very common. Chinese food has just started, and development is very slow, mainly Chinese. This type of machine tool is still processed like the previous machine tool, which greatly wastes turning and milling machine tools. Now the main machine tool manufacturers are WFL, DMG, MAZAK, Baomei, Mori Seiki etc.
  • 2. For a five-axis machining center, it can only be milled and not processed. Therefore, there are many limitations in machining. The combination of turning and milling can cover the machining of a five-axis machining center, but the five-axis machining cannot be processed by turning and milling.
  • 3. The horizontal machining center is a traditional machining center, corresponding to the vertical machining center. The axis of the horizontal machining center is parallel to the worktable. It mainly processes box-shaped parts, which can only be milled and not processed. It is divided into three axes, four axes, five axes and other machining centers. It mainly focuses on large-scale processing and has high processing efficiency, but it has large area and high cost.

The machining center composed of turning and milling is a compound machine tool. At present, there are many types of machine tools in the world, of which turning and milling technologies are the most mature and commonly used combined machining centers. You can complete all or most of the processing in one configuration to reduce secondary clamping errors, thereby improving china cnc machining accuracy and efficiency. It can be said that it is a simple production line, which is undoubtedly faster and more convenient for parts with high precision requirements or parts that must be fixed multiple times.

The first machine tool for the steering and turning machine was a collaboration between Shenyang Machine Tool Works and Germany, which was launched at the Machine Tool Show in 2001. In developed countries such as Europe, the United States, and Japan, such machine tools have matured, while China is still in its infancy. Therefore, the Chinese turning and milling machines from 2001 to the present have not been properly applied. Many companies do not know how to use these machines or use them in the same way as previous machining centers. Not only is this a waste of machine tools, but this expensive investment is also uncomfortable. Because of the turning center, machining has many systems with internal circulation (ie, some special functions), these functions are the core of these machines, and these circulation systems must be professional software for turning and milling processing. In terms of functions, many companies still use UG, CATIA, ProE and other software as a whole in China, so the efficiency is very low, and the safety of the machine cannot be guaranteed. Here, I recommend several professional turning and milling software, such as TopSolid, GIBBS, EDGECAM, Esprit, etc. Among them, TopSolid has the most complete functions and the majority of users. The vertical milling head of the general machining center can only look down. If the rotation angle requires a rotating device, a machine, DMG FD, called a machining and milling center, can perform a vertical transformation of the vertical milling head, or turn an angle.

How much is the turning and milling complex machining center:

Mazak 300~400W problem: Yamazaki Mazak temporarily gave up Shenyang. Answer: It is not easy to use, the software system cannot be kept up-to-date, and the efficiency is not high. The hardware is very similar, but how to use it, there is almost no solution! Follow-up: Mazak is too expensive, I am a few engineers, I am very familiar with loans to buy it. A: This is not a price issue. The engineer is required to know that you cannot use domestic milling. You just need to participate and ask if you can do it. The difference between domestic machine tools is that the application is still lagging behind and learning external images, the difference is not enough to work, such as tool milling and tool length compensation after milling. For milling, if the part considers radius compensation, the system will recognize this. These things are only valuable if they are used correctly or if they are exhibition machines.

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