The efficiency of CNC machine tools comes from the precision of equipment processing

For CNC machine tools, its accuracy mainly includes geometric accuracy, transmission accuracy, motion accuracy and position accuracy. If the accuracy is out of range, it should be based on the response of the workpiece accuracy and use various inspection tools to determine which type of machine is present. Then check the factors that may cause such errors one by one. According to the judgment, repair the mechanical parts or modify the machine parameters to eliminate the factors that affect the accuracy.

The radial runout and axial runout of the grinding wheel spindle will seriously affect the radial runout and lead error of the front edge surface, and then affect the indexing, and the parallelism error of the grinding wheel head guide rail and the center line of the workpiece head will cause the lead to be out of tolerance. The precision of the index plate will affect the precision of the index. After inspection, it was found that the grinding wheel spindle was beating and the grinding wheel head and the center line of the workpiece were out of tolerance. Therefore, the grinding wheel spindle and the guide rail were inspected, and it was found that the grinding wheel spindle bearing and the guide wheel of the guide wheel were worn out, so the replacement method was adopted to replace it.

Therefore, a dual-input single-output fuzzy controller is designed to realize fuzzy control. The fuzzy controller is composed of fuzzy, fuzzy inference decision-making and anti-fuzzy. Its main function is to realize the fuzzy algorithm. The fuzzy controller is divided into two categories: and general. If a fuzzy controller is used, although the reasoning speed is fast, it is expensive and poor in flexibility. We choose a general-purpose fuzzy controller. If the fuzzy inference decision is run by the microcontroller software in real time, it will take a certain amount of time, which will lead to problems such as poor real-time performance. If in advance through offline fuzzification, fuzzy inference decision-making and de-fuzzification, a fuzzy control table is obtained, and then this table is placed in the single-chip microcomputer. During control, the problem of poor real-time performance can be solved by controlling the output by looking up the meter.

In order to improve the machining accuracy and work efficiency of CNC machine tools, the temperature of the oil tank of the CNC machine tools must be controlled within a certain range. On the one hand, the change of oil temperature directly affects the change of the temperature field of the CNC machine tool, and the change of the temperature field also affects the change of the displacement field. The change of the displacement field inevitably affects the machining accuracy.

On the other hand, temperature changes affect the viscosity of the oil. Normally, as the temperature rises, the viscosity of the oil drops. If the viscosity is too high, the resistance is too big, which is unfavorable to the starting and working of the hydraulic pump; if the viscosity is too low, it is easy to cause oil leakage and affect the stability of the entire hydraulic system. In addition, the temperature is too high, it will affect the life of the hydraulic components and change the characteristics of the hydraulic oil itself. Introduction to the Principle of Fuzzy Control of Fuel Tank Temperature Anything has its own ambiguity. It can even be defined as another value. Therefore, a whole set of theories derived from this is called fuzzy mathematics. An important branch of fuzzy mathematics is fuzzy control. When dealing with complex problems, fuzzy theory is closer to the laws that exist objectively. Especially for time-varying and large-delay controlled objects, fuzzy control is better than traditional control. Fuzzy control is based on manual experience, and does not require a mathematical model for the controlled object. For the temperature control of the hydraulic oil tank of a CNC machine tool or die casting machine, it is easier for the operator to observe the difference between the actual output temperature and the set temperature, as well as the change value of the temperature difference.

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