The emergence and development of CNC machine tools

In the machinery manufacturing industry, automatic machine tools, combination machine tools and automatic production lines with special machine tools as the main body are widely used. Simultaneous processing with multiple tools, multiple stations and multiple sides is carried out over the years for efficient and highly automated production of single product parts . However, this production method requires huge initial investment and a long production preparation cycle, so it is only suitable for the production of large-volume parts.

In the machinery manufacturing industry, single-piece and small-batch production parts still account for about 80% of the total machining, especially aviation, aerospace, shipping, machine tools, heavy machinery, food processing machinery, packaging machinery and military products, etc. The processing batch is small, and the shape of the processed parts is relatively complex, and the accuracy requirements are also very high, and it needs to be modified frequently. It would be unreasonable to use highly specialized automatic machine tools to cnc machining parts of such products.

Often refitting and adjusting equipment, for this dedicated production line, not only will greatly increase the cost of the product, it is even impossible to achieve. The market economy system is maturing, and most products have shifted from the seller’s market to the buyer’s market. The competition for products is fierce, forcing manufacturers to constantly update their products and increase the price-performance ratio of products to meet the needs of users. Because this type of mass-production-based production method makes it very difficult to modify and update products, users obtain relatively low-cost products at the expense of certain performance of users. Therefore, in order to maintain the market share of products, even enterprises that are mainly mass-produced must change the traditional practice of long-term products. In this way, this “rigid” automated production method has become increasingly unsuitable in mass production.

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