The Features of Dongguan Longmen Milling Machine

Gantry milling machine is a heavy-duty machine tool with a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for milling various planes of large metal parts in the steel, energy, chemical, bridge, railway, automobile, military, mold and machine tool industries: such as horizontal planes, vertical planes, inclined planes and various

The rail surface composed of planes. If the design of the machine tool is modified, it can also be designed as a gantry boring and milling machine with boring function, and the grinding head can be used to grind the cnc machining parts with the grinding head.

This machine has the following characteristics:

  • ①, the unique beam lifting system is equipped with the necessary safety interlocking device to ensure the operation safety, stability and repeated positioning accuracy of the machine tool.
  • ②. The movement of the vertical milling head on the crossbeam and the side milling head up and down on the vertical column adopt frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, which is beneficial to select reasonable cutting parameters and is more convenient to use.
  • ③, the work feed of the worktable is controlled by the servo motor, the speed range is wider to meet all the milling requirements, and there is also a manual pulse generator on the button station to accurately adjust the tool to achieve milling accuracy of micron level.
  • ④. The guide rail of the workbench is lubricated by an independent manual pump, the main lead screw adopts an independent automatic lubrication system, the guide rail of the beam post and the lead screw of the beam post are manually lubricated, and the whole machine has good friction reduction and lubrication performance.
  • ⑤, the electrical control adopts the advanced technology of the United States and is controlled by the AC servo controller, and its mechanical and electrical integration is very high. Reduced physical strength and improved efficiency.
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