The Method to improve the low precision of CNC machining surface

First of all, we need to find out the reason why the surface accuracy is not high, and then proceed to solve it. Jiezhong CNC machining center first tells you the possible reasons:

  • 1. The cutting parameters are unreasonable, and the surface of the workpiece surface is rough.
  • 2. The cutting edge of the cutter is not sharp.
  • 3. The tool clamping is too long, and the blade avoidance is too long.
  • 4. Chip evacuation, blowing, and bad oil flushing.
  • 5. Programming the way of cutting tool, (you can consider walking along milling as much as possible).
  • 6. The workpiece has burrs.

The above is the reason why the surface accuracy of CNC machining center is not high. For these reasons, we can take the following measures to improve:

  • 1. The cutting parameters, tolerances, margins, and speed feed settings should be reasonable.
  • 2. The cutter requires the operator to inspect and replace it from time to time.
  • 3. When clamping the tool, the operator should try to keep it as short as possible, and the blade edge should not be too long.
  • 4. For the cutting of flat knife, R knife and round nose knife, the speed feed setting should be reasonable.
  • 5. The workpiece has burrs: it is directly related to the root of our machine tool, cutting tool and cutting tool. Therefore, we need to understand the performance of the machine tool and make up for the burr edge.

The above is the reason analysis and improvement method introduction about the low precision of CNC machining center surface. There are many common problems, such as workpiece over-cutting, tool setting problems, etc. To solve these problems, use the above method to find out the cause first, and then find the solution.

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