The Product features of small machining centers

Small-scale machining centers mass-produce and process medium-sized hardware parts, which can be drilled, tapped and milled. Suitable for materials copper and aluminum parts, castings, steel parts.

  • 1. Large-span structure design, using roller linear guides to increase the rigidity of the equipment;
  • 2. Change the design of the side of the magazine hanging on the column to be supported by the base to reduce the lateral force of the magazine against the column;
  • 3. Adopt 24 Shengjie mechanical arm type tool magazines and BT40 mechanical spindle, which has a large cutting force;
  • 4. The core components are made of products made in Taiwan, Taiwan Baoyuan system, Taiwan Danquan spindle, Taiwan Shangyin rail;
  • 5. Adopt the absolute value servo feed drive motor, without the traditional design of travel block, reduce the common overtravel alarm;
  • 6. The equipment can have outstanding running stability characteristics.

The CNC machining center is a CNC machine tool with a tool magazine and can automatically change tools, and can perform a variety of processing operations on the workpiece within a certain range.

According to the number of coordinates of the machining center movement and the number of coordinates simultaneously controlled: there are three-axis two-linkage, three-axis three-linkage, four-axis three-linkage, five-axis four-linkage, six-axis five-linkage, etc. The three-axis and four-axis refer to the number of motion coordinates possessed by the machining center, and the linkage refers to the coordinate number that the control system can control the motion at the same time, so as to realize the position and speed control of the tool relative to the workpiece.

According to the number and function of worktables: there are single worktable machining center, double worktable machining center, and multi-workbench precision machining center.

According to the processing accuracy: there are ordinary processing centers and high-precision processing centers. Ordinary machining center, the resolution is 1μm, the maximum feed rate is 15-25m/min, and the positioning accuracy is about l0μm. High-precision machining center with a resolution of 0.1 μm, a large feed rate of 15 to 100 m/min, and a positioning accuracy of about 2 μm. Between 2~10μm, more than ±5μm, can be called precision grade.

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