The progress of spark machine

The progress of the spark machine. The current spark machine uses intelligent control technology. His intelligence is mainly in accurate detection technology and fuzzy control technology. It realizes online automatic monitoring and automatic adjustment of the machining process, which can achieve the optimal control of the processing. However, the fuzzy control technology uses a computer to monitor and determine the state of the EDM gap, so that the intelligent selection within the range of maintaining a stable arc has reached the highest level of machining efficiency.

When the spark machine is equipped with an electrode library and a standard electrode fixture, just install the electrode into the tool magazine before processing and compile the processing program, then the EDM can automatically run and realize unmanned operation. The automatic operation of the spark machine not only reduces the labor intensity of the operator, but also improves the production efficiency.

The automation performance of the spark machine gives full play to its automation performance, which can improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency. The spark machine can also greatly improve the roughing and finishing efficiency on the premise of ensuring the machining precision. It can shorten the discharge time of large-area workpieces and reduce the roughness. No need to perform manual polishing after discharge. Not only simplifies the procedure, improves the quality of the mold, but also shortens the swiss machining time of Guangdong spark machine equipment and saves the trouble of subsequent processing.

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