The Requirements For Horizontal Machining Centers

The acceptance of the horizontal machining center directly affects the manufacturer’s equipment to be put into use. The general factory acceptance standard is to directly perform the workpiece processing test. In fact, after the workpiece processing test, it can basically be determined that the key parts of the horizontal table machining center meet the standards , There is no problem in normal use.

It is also necessary to pay attention when reminding the acceptance. It is better for the manufacturer to have its own set of acceptance procedures or standards, which can more ensure the quality and subsequent use of the processing center. Horizontal machining centers are automated processing equipment developed by CNC milling machines. The powerful processing capabilities of horizontal machining centers can bring higher work efficiency to enterprises. As a high-precision mechanical equipment, the horizontal machining center also has certain requirements for the installation environment, as follows:

1. Temperature and humidity

The better processing environment temperature of the horizontal machining center is below 30°C. Too high ambient temperature and humidity may reduce the service life of control system components, and high ambient humidity may also cause short circuits and failures of integrated circuit boards.

2. Voltage and current control

There are more processing equipment in the workshop, which will cause excessive fluctuations in the power grid. We need to control the voltage and current within the allowable range of the processing center and maintain stability, otherwise it may affect the work of the system. The power supply should be: 380V±10%, three-phase AC.

3. Location requirements

It should be far away from the source of vibration and direct sunlight. If there is a source of vibration nearby, a seismic ditch should be set up. A good installation environment can make CNC machining centers avoid some failures during processing, and the accuracy of processing is more guaranteed.

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