The Screening During Injection Molding

To measure whether an injection mold factory is of good quality, you can start the inspection from the injection molding stage, because different products will have different product properties. Today PTJ injection mold factory will explain the electroplating process of injection molding.

The injection mold factory must realize that the injection temperature, injection speed and pressure, mold temperature, holding pressure, screw speed, etc. will all affect the electroplating performance of PC/ABS. The relatively direct adverse effect is excessively high product internal stress. Excessive internal stress will affect the uniformity of the etching in the plating coarsening stage, and then affect the plating bonding force of the final product. It is necessary to combine the product structure, mold state and molding machine state, and try to reduce the internal stress of the material by setting the appropriate injection process.

The injection mold factory can significantly improve the electroplating performance of PC/ABS materials through the above operations. The electroplating process also needs to stabilize the parameters after the process is OK. Avoid a variety of functional hidden dangers caused by the plastic material being prepared and the electroplating process is not well controlled.

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