The Secret Of Mold Manufacturing Success

Copper for mould mainly includes red copper, brass, red copper, beryllium copper, etc. Brass is used for water separator, plug, welding, etc. Copper is usually used for electrodes, welding, etc. Beryllium copper is generally used to make mold core, cooling, etc. Then mold copper in the process of manufacturing, according to the characteristics of a variety of copper, the use of appropriate mold copper cutting fluid, in order to be more efficient in processing and manufacturing!

 Cutting characteristics of copper

  • (1) Pure copper has low strength and hardness, so it can not be strengthened by heat treatment. It can only be strengthened by cold working deformation. However, due to its high plasticity, the machinability of copper is not as good as that of pure aluminum. The tendency of deformation strengthening is large, and it is easy to stick the knife, so it is difficult to cut the smooth machined surface. Generally, the cutting fluid with good lubricating performance is selected.
  • (2) The strength and hardness of brass are higher than that of red copper, but it has certain brittleness, easy to produce chips and has good machinability. Generally, non active antifriction emulsion cutting fluid and microemulsion cutting fluid can be selected, and non active extreme pressure cutting fluid can be used for finishing with high speed steel tool.
  • (3) The strength and hardness of bronze, especially beryllium bronze, are higher, so ordinary emulsion cutting fluid and microemulsion cutting fluid can be selected.
  • (4) When selecting the cutting fluid of copper and copper alloy, we must pay attention to the corrosiveness of cutting fluid to copper. The grease or ester in oil cutting fluid may cause discoloration of parts; when using water-based cutting fluid, the one with strong resistance to hard water must be selected, and the pH value should not be too high. The cutting fluid containing active sulfur additive should not be used, and copper alloy corrosion inhibitor should be added into the cutting fluid. When cutting, the fine chips should be removed immediately, and it is better to use a filter, otherwise the copper chips will easily react with some components in the cutting fluid to deteriorate the cutting fluid.

Die copper cutting fluid

Die copper cutting fluid is a special cutting fluid for copper machining, which has the following characteristics:

  • (1) It has good lubrication, cooling, washing and anti rust performance, which has significant effect on improving the surface finish of workpiece and reducing tool wear;
  • (2) long service life, stable emulsion, and PTJ copper or copper alloy made of various shapes including bar, wire, plate, strip, strip, tube and foil.
  • (3) The product is non-toxic, non irritating smell, does not damage human skin, easy to use and safe to operate;
  • (4) It will not cause paint bubble, crack, fall off and other adverse effects.
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