The Structural Features Of CNC Machine Lathe Castings

  • 1) The basic parts in the bed castings of CNC machine tools are all box-shaped structures, and many reinforcement ribs are added, which makes the structure of the bed castings more complicated. When casting, more cores are needed, and core supports are often used to fix the cores. The gas generated by the cores during casting is also difficult to exclude, and defects such as porosity and sand holes are easily generated.
  • 2) Some parts on the bed casting, such as the guide rail surface, shaft hole and T-slot (after increasing the machining allowance), are thicker. In addition to shrinkage and shrinkage, it is also due to the performance of the cast iron. It is more sensitive, and it is easy to make the tissue loose, thick graphite, low hardness, and not wear-resistant. When the thickness of these parts is too large from the surrounding connecting wall, defects such as cracks are likely to occur.
  • 3) Some castings subjected to oil pressure and cutting fluid pressure are required to have high air tightness and no leakage is allowed.
  • 4) Due to the development of cutting processing in the direction of automation, high speed and powerful cutting, the emergence of CNC machine tools has caused some changes in the casting structure of the bed of CNC machine tools and brought some problems in the casting process.
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