The Use Of Vertical Milling Machine

Vertical milling machine product use: suitable for processing various parts of the plane, slope, groove, hole, etc., is the ideal processing equipment for machinery manufacturing, molds, instruments, meters, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries. Save equipment investment. However, due to the large amount of work in vertical milling, this type of horizontal milling machine + vertical milling head is actually hanging the vertical milling head every day. When used for vertical milling, it is not suitable for vertical milling machines.

Horizontal milling is mostly used for gears, splines, grooving, cutting and other china cnc machining. In addition to vertical milling machines, it is mostly used for plane machining. The plane has high and low curvature straight geometry workpieces, such as molds, and vertical milling can show its talents.

The horizontal milling machine can also use the above various tools, but it is not as convenient as vertical milling. The main purpose is to use a hanger to enhance the strength of the tools (mainly three-sided edge milling cutters, sheet milling cutters, etc.). It can mill groove, mill plane, cut off, etc. Horizontal milling machines are generally equipped with end milling heads. Although the function and rigidity of this end milling head are not as powerful as those of vertical milling machines, they are sufficient for vertical milling.

This makes the overall function of horizontal milling machines more powerful than vertical milling machines. Vertical milling machines do not have this feature and cannot process workpieces suitable for horizontal milling. The productivity is higher than the horizontal milling machine. The main difference between vertical milling machine and horizontal milling machine is the vertical arrangement of the spindle. In addition to the different arrangement of the spindle, the table can be moved up and down. The milling cutter for vertical milling machine is relatively flexible and has a wide range of application. End mills, machine tool discs, drills, etc. can be used. It can mill keyway, mill plane, boring, etc.

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