Use and maintenance of machine tool castings

The primer must be evenly brushed, sprayed, or dipped. The primer must be fully stirred before use, and diluted to an appropriate viscosity before it is applied. And it can be used in the processing of parts such as instrumentation, electronics, light industry, standard parts, bearing industry, auto parts industry, etc. What directly affects the accuracy of the machine tool to maintain its life is its wear resistance and dimensional stability.

After rigorous physical tests and selection of machine tool castings, they are bumped by heavy objects during use, with fine crystals, hard texture, compressive strength, extreme wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high corrosion resistance, never Will rust and other characteristics. Due to the extremely high cost of machine tool casting equipment and production models, it is only suitable for mass production, and we should also maintain machine tool castings at the same time.

In the maintenance of machine tool castings, the last layer of putty is polished and cleaned. Next, we need to spray a second primer of vinyl chloride, which can improve the flatness and gloss of the paint film. It is necessary to wait for it to dry before filling the machine tool casting depression, and it is necessary to completely remove the grinding slurry and dust on the surface after each grinding. There is a gap or pit in the machine tool casting that is not completely merged, and the boundary edge is smooth. Improve the pouring temperature and pouring speed, and improve the pouring system. During pouring, sticky sand continuously flows on the surface of the machine tool castings, which are completely or partially covered with a layer of metal and sand mixture or a layer of burning structured sand, resulting in machine tool castings. The surface is rough, while reducing the sand gap. While appropriately reducing the pouring temperature of the metal, it is necessary to reduce the sand gap. Appropriately reduce the pouring temperature of the metal, while improving the refractoriness of the molding sand and core sand can play a role.

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