What are the components that need frequent maintenance in high-speed machining centers?

Due to the high-precision processing effect of high-speed machining centers, there are many high-speed machining centers that many processing companies will consult and purchase. However, after the high-speed machining center is assembled and put into use, its performance will be degraded if good maintenance is not given. Therefore, the high-speed machining center manufacturers hope that the company can maintain the following parts frequently during use.

1. Digital control device

The reason why the high-speed machining center can be automatically operated is because it has a digital control device installed. If the device is abnormal, it will not be able to control the machining center normally. Therefore, when using high-speed machining centers, enterprises should regularly maintain digital control devices, and often remove dust and clean them and regularly check the DC motors in them.

2. Transmission system

The transmission system is also one of the many important components of the high-speed machining center. If various parts in the transmission device appear worn or loose, it will cause mechanical transmission that cannot be carried out, resulting in the failure of the high-speed machining center. To this end, enterprises must also strengthen the maintenance of the transmission system, especially the main transmission chain, bearings, ball screw thread pairs and other parts.

3. Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is also a component that needs to be maintained in the high-speed machining center. During maintenance, the parts used to filter the impurities of the lubricating oil in the hydraulic system must be regularly dismantled and carefully cleaned. After cleaning up the various impurities and oil stains intercepted above Re-install and use, and the filter parts should be replaced with new ones in time if they are damaged.

Enterprises are willing to look for reputable high-speed processing center manufacturers to purchase processing center cooperation, because reputable manufacturers can not only provide high-speed processing center equipment in service, but also remind enterprises of various precautions and maintenance methods. Therefore, it is hoped that enterprises will do more maintenance on the above components when using high-speed machining centers.

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