What are the factors affecting the price of vertical machining centers

In fact, whether it is an imported vertical machining center, a Taiwanese vertical machining center or a domestic vertical cnc machining center, as far as the vertical machining center itself is concerned, even if it is the same brand, the same model of vertical machining center, the configuration is different. The price is also different.

1. The CNC system is an important factor in determining the price of vertical machining centers

The CNC system is equivalent to a brain of the vertical machining center, and all the actions and programs of the machining center are completed by it. The mainstream systems currently on the market are: foreign system brands, Mitsubishi Japan, Fanuc (Fanuc), Germany Siemens, it should be noted that these systems are bundled with three-axis servo motors, that is, if your system is Mitsubishi , You must purchase Mitsubishi servo drives and motors;

When choosing a numerical control system, it is necessary to integrate a variety of factors, such as the use environment, workpiece conditions, processing technology, procurement budget, etc. For example, when choosing a three-axis vertical machining mold, you can choose Fanuc0iMD-A or Mitsubishi M70-A. , You can choose Fanuc0iMD-B or Mitsubishi M70-B. It is recommended to choose Siemens 840D or Fanuc31i when choosing the five-axis vertical overtime system. If it is used for teaching, you can choose Huazhong or Guangshu five-axis. In occasions where processing requirements are not high and budgets are limited, domestic CNC systems or Taiwan systems can be selected.

2. the tool magazine is the main factor that determines the vertical machining center

The high efficiency of a vertical machining center lies not only in a sophisticated operating system, but also in a very important auxiliary function cnc machining parts. This is the tool magazine, which is a container for storing tools in a vertical machining center. The tool change time of the tool magazine is The efficiency of a machine tool plays an important role. The tool magazines commonly used in vertical machining centers include hat-type tool magazines and disc-type tool magazines. Disc-type tool magazines are also called manipulator tool magazines or arm-type tool magazines.

3. the spindle unit is also very important

The spindle speed is generally very high, all above 8000rpm/min, and the spindle speed above 10000rpm/min is a high-speed spindle. The machine tool will generate a lot of heat under high-speed processing, and the heat of high chipping will adhere to the machine table and workpiece. The surface will not only affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece, but also cause damage to the machine tool, so generally the spindle will be equipped with an oil-cooled or water-cooled cooling system. The common transmission modes of spindles include belt transmission and direct transmission. Direct transmission is suitable for light cutting at high speed. For high-speed spindles, direct transmission is generally selected.

4. The price gap between hard rail and linear rail

Hard rail machine is slower, but more rigid, anti-collision, mainly used for heavy cutting,die machining. The linear rail machine is fast and has better accuracy. It is mainly used for light cutting and products. Relatively speaking, there is no hard rail machine with a long life. Generally, BT40 has more bed rails and BT50 has more rectangular rails. Now many people buy a vertical machining center and choose two lines and one hard, because this can increase the speed and increase the cutting power, and it is cost-effective.

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