What are the methods for disassembly of CNC machining center bearings

What are the methods for disassembly of CNC machining center bearings

CNC machining center is an automatic machine tool that can be processed efficiently and has many functions. Bearing is a component of CNC machining center, its main function is to support the rotation of the machine, reduce the friction coefficient generated in its motion and ensure its rotation accuracy. In this chapter, we mainly talk about the methods of bearing disassembly.

  1. Percussion

When striking, concentrate the force on the inner ring of the bearing. This method is relatively simple, but it is easier to damage the bearing. When disassembling, place an object on the ground of the bearing, and then tap it with a hammer to remove the bearing.

  1. Pull out method

Use a special puller, only need to rotate the handle, the bearing can be pulled out, in which it should be noted that the puller must be stuck on the end face of the bearing inner ring and the bend angle of the puller is less than 90°.

Three, push method

This method can be realized with the help of a press, and it is relatively safe for the bearing, but it should be noted that the focus of the press should be placed on the center of the shaft.

Four, hot demolition method

Pour a 100° bearing oil can on top of the bearing, the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the bearing will expand after being heated, and at this time, it can be pulled out with a puller. Use this method to be smaller to avoid burns.

Five, induction heating method

This method is better. Inductive current is generated in the bearing ring, and then the bearing will heat up and expand, so that we can disassemble the spindle more conveniently.

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