What are the types of surface grinders?

During the processing of products, it is often necessary to carefully grind the surface of various workpieces, and the surface grinder is a tool that is specifically used to grind the surface of the workpiece. Surface grinders are also divided into several different types in practical applications. Next, the surface grinder manufacturers with good quality and good service will introduce the more common types of surface grinders.

1. Horizontal axis rectangular table grinder

This type of surface grinder has a rectangular electromagnetic table so it can hold the workpiece and allow it to reciprocate longitudinally. Among them, the grinding wheel frame of the grinder can be intermittently intermittently along the guide rail on the slide For movement, the slide can do vertical intermittent feed movement along the column guide rail, so that the periphery of the grinding wheel can grind the workpiece with high precision.

2. Vertical axis round table grinder

The vertical axis round table surface grinder has a vertically arranged grinding wheel, and the end face will grind the workpiece, and the grinding wheel frame will perform intermittent vertical feed movement along the column guide rail. As long as the workpiece to be processed is placed on a rotating round table, continuous grinding can be performed, so relatively speaking, the production efficiency of this type of surface grinder is quite impressive.

3. Double end grinder

The so-called double end surface refers to the grinding wheel end surface of the two grinding heads of the surface grinder can simultaneously grind the two parallel planes of the workpiece. According to the difference of the vertical axis, there are two types of horizontal axis and vertical axis, which are rotary or linear during processing. The feeding device will guide the workpiece through the grinding wheel. Because this type of surface grinder has a very high grinding efficiency, it is suitable for mass production of parts such as piston rings and bearing rings.

In addition to the horizontal axis rectangular table type, vertical axis circular table type and double end surface type, common surface grinders are also very common, such as horizontal axis circular table and vertical axis rectangular table. Various types have their own scope of application and processing efficiency. Different, so, when purchasing, not only to know which surface grinder is good service, but also to know what type of surface grinder is needed.

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