What are the variations of gantry milling machines to adapt to different processing objects?

The horizontal long bed is provided with a movable working table and covered with a protective cover. During precision cnc machining, the workpiece is installed on the worktable and moves longitudinally with it.

  • ①Longmen boring and milling machine: the milling and boring head can be milled and bored on the beam. The main shaft (sleeve or ram) can be fed axially and has a motion fine adjustment device. The fine adjustment speed can be as low as 5 mm/min. Can perform boring and milling operations.
  • ② Gantry drilling and milling machine: a power head is installed on the beam, and a drill or milling cutter is installed through the post to complete the drilling and milling operations.

The gantry milling machine bed is equipped with X-axis guide rail, and the gantry milling machine worktable is fastened across the bed. The movable spanning frame above the worktable is provided with a gantry frame. The gantry frame further includes: a gantry frame carriage, which is movably clamped on the X-axis guide rail. The Z-axis guide rail is installed on the gantry frame.

The crossbeam is provided with a Z-axis carriage, the crossbeam is movably clamped on the Z-axis guide rail by the Z-axis carriage, and the Y-axis guideway is also installed on the crossbeam.

Milling device, the milling device of the gantry milling machine is movably installed on the Y-axis guide rail, so that the gantry frame is milled in the three-dimensional space of X, Y and Z under the control of the numerical control circuit control system. The CNC gantry milling machine has high-precision operations such as milling, drilling, boring and cutting.

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