What causes deformation of large machine tool castings

  • (1) Check the structure of the model and place ribs and stiffeners in areas that are easily deformed and cracked;
  • (2) In the planning of the pouring system, more than two straight runners can be opened for castings with large weight and large volume, so that the molten metal can enter the casting mold quickly and smoothly.
  • (3) Sand filling should be uniform during modeling, especially for medium and large castings. Sand should be added uniformly in each layer to avoid foam deformation due to uneven sand and uneven strength of individual parts at the time of vibration.
  • (4) After casting, do not punch the box prematurely. There should be sufficient heat preservation time in the box, especially for medium and large castings.
  • (5) The chemical element composition of the casting can be adjusted appropriately without affecting the mechanical strength and function of the large casting
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