What is CNC? What is a machining center? Many people are not clear!

The full name of CNC is “Computer numerical control”, commonly known as “Numerical Control”.

The automatic machine tool is digitally controlled by a computer. In other words, as long as it is an automated machine tool controlled by a computer numerical value, it can be called CNC, including CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC wire cutting, CNC punching machines, CNC laser cutting machines, etc. Many people mistakenly think that CNC is a CNC machining center. The statement is not quite correct.
CNC lathe (mainly for processing cylindrical parts)
CNC Machining Center (Machining molds, fixtures, flat and curved parts mainly)
CNC laser cutting machine (mainly processing thin plates)
CNC wire cutting (cutting various conductive materials through copper wire discharge)

hat is CNC? What is a machining center? Many people are not clear!

CNC machine tools with more than three axes that process the blanks into semi-finished parts through tool cutting are called CNC milling or CNC machining centers. The difference between the two is that there is an automatic tool changer. (Usually some people call it “computer gong”)
Machining center with tool changer
Part processing output is suitable: single piece or large batch;
Applicable materials: basically suitable for all materials, such as plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and synthetic materials.

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