What is forging

Forging refers to a machining method that pours a solidified substance into a casting mold of a specific shape after it is liquid at room temperature but soon after it is solidified. Forging is a kind of metal hot machining casings technology that mankind grasped earlier, and has a history of about 6000 years.

China has entered the heyday of bronze castings between about 1700 and 1000 BC, and has reached a suitably high level in technology. Most of the materials to be cast are metals that were originally solid but heated to a liquid state (for example: copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc.), and the data of the mold can be sand, metal, or ceramic. In response to different needs, the methods used will be different.

Metal Forging is one of the foundational technologies of the modern machinery manufacturing industry, so the development of the forging industry marks a country’s production strength. According to statistics in 2008, China’s annual output of 33.5 million tons of castings is the largest country in the international forging list.

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