what is inconel?

Inconel is a nickel-chromium-iron-based solid solution strengthening alloy, which has good high temperature corrosion resistance and yang resistance, excellent hot and cold processing and welding process performance, 2113 below 700 ℃ has satisfactory thermal strength and high plastic .

Machining Inconel Alloy 5261 can be strengthened by cold working, and can also be connected by resistance welding, fusion welding or brazing.

It has excellent corrosion resistance: It has corrosion resistance to various corrosive media. The chromium composition makes this alloy more resistant to corrosion than nickel 99.2 (alloy 200) and nickel 99.2 (alloy 201, low carbon) under yang conditions.

At the same time, the higher nickel content makes the 4102 gold have a good corrosion resistance of 1653 in reducing conditions and alkaline solutions, and can effectively prevent chloro-iron stress corrosion cracking.

The inconel alloy machining has good corrosion resistance in organic acids such as acetic acid, formic acid, and stearic acid, and moderate corrosion resistance in inorganic acids.

It has excellent corrosion resistance in the high-purity water used in primary and secondary cycles in nuclear reactors.

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