What Is Mold Cleaner?

Mold cleaning agent is used to clean mold steel, beryllium copper mold steel and rubber mold surface oil and other products. Used for cleaning oil, gas residue, plastic residue, inorganic salt, hand sweat, dust and other dirt on the surface of mold steel, beryllium copper mold steel and rubber mold. The advantages do not contain heavy metals, phosphorus, nitrite and other controlled substances. There are no harmful substances that need special labeling in the composition. It can be completely biodegradable, improve the working conditions and prevent environmental pollution. It has good cleaning ability to grease and dirt, and its degreasing and decontamination cleaning ability is super strong. It is completely dissolved, antistatic, easy to rinse, and can effectively protect the surface of the material to be cleaned from erosion at the same time. Green environmental protection, universal, efficient, safe and economical “

Usage method:

  • 1. Ultrasonic cleaning and electrolytic mould cleaning machine can be used for cleaning.
  • 2. The cleaning agent can be recycled without heating
  • 3. The cleaning time is about 20 minutes without heating.
  • 4. Do not make this product contact with eyes. If it is splashed into the eyes, lift the eyelid and rinse it with flowing water or normal saline. Do not swallow this product. If swallowed carelessly, induce vomiting, keep resting state, and take medical care in time.
  • 5. To prevent excessive skin degreasing, wear chemical resistant gloves during operation.
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