Whether Frank processing center belongs to semi-automatic equipment

Franck machining center belongs to semi-automatic equipment

1. About semi-automatic equipment:

Semi-automatic equipment refers to the automatic equipment that the mechanical equipment needs to automatically carry out the working cycle under human intervention. Semi-automatic equipment generally shuts off automatically after the work cnc machine automatically completes a working cycle, and all mechanisms are returned to the starting position, and the processed parts (or finished products) are unloaded by workers and new blanks (or raw materials) are installed. Restart the working machine and repeat the automatic working cycle again.

2. About fully automated equipment

For the operation of fully automatic equipment, people only need to be the operator to clarify the operation procedures, without directly participating in the production process of mechanical equipment.

Franck machining centers and CNC lathes are automated equipment. The main feature of the automated equipment is not to see whether it can automatically load and unload, but after the preparatory work is completed, press the start button, the equipment can complete the preset work according to the established procedures, and no manual intervention is required during the period. Like a fully automatic washing machine, put clothes and washing powder in, select the program, press the button, automatically wash, rinse, spin dry, complete the laundry task. If the washing machine can put the clothes into the drum and add the washing powder, it is estimated that it will take a long time to realize it. It is not called a fully automatic washing machine, but an advanced intelligent laundry robot. Hope this example can help you understand the meaning of automation equipment.

What does the Frank machining center g43 do

G43 and G44 are only a positive value and a negative value for tool length correction. Almost every tool is used. The movement path of the tool without a reference point will not move according to your ideas. The H value is the tool correction value. In the system Enter the Z value in the machine coordinates in the tool offset of, for example, H4, move the cursor to the No. 4 tool offset in the tool offset, and enter the Z value.

After using G43, the Z-axis tool setting can be omitted, provided you know how much the tool needs to be raised or lowered.

The tool length compensation command is used to compensate the length difference between the programmed tool and the actual tool. G43 is to use length compensation, G44 is to cancel length compensation. Tool length compensation is performed on the axis perpendicular to the interpolation plane. For example: G17 compensates along the Z axis, G18 compensates along the Y axis, and G19 compensates along the X axis. G43 is a modal code, canceled by G44 or M02, M03, “emergency stop”, “reset”, etc. Execute G44 after the machine is powered on.

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