Which elbow pipe processing plant is skilled

PTJ Shop is a Taiwan-funded factory that specializes in manufacturing metal pipe processing equipment. Its main products include a total of more than 60 models including four types of pipe bending machines, tube shrinking machines, and pipe cutting machines. The products are suitable for various pipe processing. Auto parts, motorcycle manufacturing, baby carriages, bicycles, hardware lighting, air conditioning piping, fitness equipment, bathroom equipment, medical equipment, steel furniture, leisure furniture, petrochemicals and all industries that use metal materials.

The factory integrates design, manufacturing, installation and sales, has strong technical development capabilities and professional personnel, and has perfect after-sale maintenance services. In addition to providing conventional series equipment, we can also design and manufacture professional equipment according to customer requirements. In order to serve customers quickly and conveniently, the company has opened many branches and offices throughout the country.

Our pipe bending plant has special insights into the development trend of intermediate frequency bend pipes in our country. Our pipe bending plant has remote maintenance software for diaganywhere, which can remotely monitor and control the related equipment of the medium frequency bend pipe control system, including remote monitoring and control, remote screen snapshots Functions such as record keeping, file uploading and downloading can effectively reduce the trouble of doing things at home.

On the one hand, directly feedback to the controller to realize the position closed-loop control of the simulated pid of the cylinder position. However, the research and application of China’s tube bending equipment and processing technology is still far behind the advanced level of today’s world, and it is far from meeting the needs of China’s industrial production and national defense, so many companies in China have to spend a lot of money. Introduce the advanced CNC machining china equipment of foreign countries.

The linear distance from a to b approximates the elongation of the bending cylinder. Following the transformation of the elongation of the bending cylinder, the tangent point and slope of the tangent line segment of the rectangular tube and the moving roller and the fixed roller also change accordingly. The points e and f at the location change to points g and h. Finally, the hardware and software of the control system are designed according to the actual situation of the pipe bend and the problems that are easily presented. The CNC system for automatic detection and control of the bending angle of the intermediate frequency bend pipe is completed.

Once a crimping cycle is completed correctly, the piston will automatically retract for continuous and reliable crimping operation. The length of the operating cable is about 5m. This is the optimal radius for the operation. Cft technology can ensure a constant axial direction of 3kn Reliability of high-grade pressure crimping-spanning one cycle of repression.

When the pipe is bent, the rocker bears the circumferential force and the moment of resistance. The return of the rocker is driven by the rocker and the return speed is 22r/in. System features Fanless design (chassis/cpu, no hard drive design (industrial cf card, anti-shock/anti-vibration design (20g/50g/5~500hz, wide temperature design (-10~50℃, watchdog circuit design and Isolated communication interface and other solid industrial design.

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