Why young people do not want to do machining

Why young people do not want to do machining

Previously engaged in machinery is still particularly fragrant, but now and the Internet-related industries than it seems a bit inferior, more people did not expect the mechanical industry is still recruiting people, because now the young people would rather go to delivery than engage in mechanical processing, is it true that mechanical processing talent to break the line? Today, after 70, 80 has been dry, 90 young people are not willing to do, so in the end what is the reason, resulting in the mechanical industry dislike it?

Mechanical manufacturing is the basis of the national economy, but also an important symbol to measure the comprehensive strength of a country, look around the world, no developed country is not supported by a strong mechanical industry, the U.S. economy has 68% from the mechanical manufacturing industry, Japan’s economy has 49% from the mechanical manufacturing industry, China’s mechanical manufacturing industry accounted for more than 40% of the total industrial output, it can be seen that the mechanical manufacturing industry in the world’s economies play a leading role.

However, with the rapid development of these Chinese machinery industry, has developed into a machinery manufacturing power, according to relevant data show that: the total global machinery exports in 2020 for 1.05 trillion euros, of which China’s machinery and equipment exports up to 165 billion euros, accounting for 15.8% of the total global machinery exports, and China’s machinery manufacturing industry has made such great achievements, without each practitioner The silent dedication, just do not know when to start, we just found that the young people engaged in the machinery industry is less and less, many apprentices to the factory to do a few days to run away, the real stay very few, is the mechanical industry does not smell?

Once upon a time, China’s machinery is also an exciting, exciting industry, many young people in order to support their families are running to the machinery industry, eating the leadership of the painted pie, drinking chicken soup desperately doing work, two shifts, overnight engaged, they think they master a technology can be promoted and increased pay, however, 20 years have passed, the wages still have not changed, but the people engaged in the machinery industry is less and less, due to the Internet booming, many young people’s lifestyle, work style has become more diversified, so the mechanical industry is disliked, because the factory kind of isolated lifestyle is not recognized by young people, all day imprisoned in the dark workshop, even if one day to regain freedom can not return to normal social life.

Not to mention that the mechanical industry wages are confirmed to be very low, the same three years of work experience, the Internet-related industry annual salary is three times higher than the mechanical industry, now the mechanical industry has long passed the golden period, both at home, or abroad, the mechanical industry is a long-term decline in the industry, and personal development is closely related to the industry, the rising industry will give your dream to add a double wing, the decline of the industry will be your dream shattered, so it is important to choose the right industry, the current technical level of the domestic machinery industry is low, the overall show big but not strong, full but not fine, seemingly everything can be built, but the quality is poor, there are some high-end products are not built, which leads to low profits, not many orders, so can not afford to pay high wages.

In addition, the machinery industry is a relatively mature industry, many parts of the high degree of subdivision, the cost is relatively fixed and quite transparent, so many companies have no room to set a false price, for example: machinery and equipment on the motor, reducer, hydraulic motor are standard parts, a price is worth a penny, there is no water, that can only rely on technology to make money, but the domestic SMEs have what technology, nothing more than the past The drawings of the past to change the size, modify the tolerance, however, and then draw a three-dimensional drawing, most companies have little investment in research and development, low value-added products, so the competitive advantage of enterprises in the market is weak, usually by playing the price war to compete for the market, the profits of enterprises can only be obtained by squeezing manpower, engaged in technology will not have a lot of room for development.

More critical is the work environment, you know that the mechanical people wear broken all day long is not slippery work clothes, the whole body is oil, do not know people think you are sleeping on the street, the image is not good, not to mention the dry machinery in addition to the nut is female, the other are male, find a wife is difficult, which is why many young people do not want to engage in the mechanical industry, in contrast, German mechanical workers are respected both, wages than University professors are also high, so German mechanical engineers will think about how to make the product better, people are also willing to engage in this industry, if our business is still stuck in the past, but also engaged in mechanical people as general labor use, only to general labor wages, then the future will have more young people away from the mechanical industry.

In general, with the continuous development of China’s economy, the future will provide more and more jobs for young people, coupled with the concept of employment of young people, the level of education, etc. has been a big change, mechanical enterprises can not recruit people will become a problem, but it is not insoluble, as long as the salary in place, there are naturally people willing to engage in the mechanical industry, if the enterprise to improve the salary, you will still choose to engage in the mechanical industry?

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