With high production efficiency, the efficiency of CNC machining is high

  • 1. High degree of automation When processing parts on CNC machine tools, except for manual clamping of blanks, all processing is automatically completed by the machine tool, which reduces the labor intensity of the operator and improves working conditions.
  • 2. Strong adaptability to the processing object The control information for automatic processing on the CNC machine tool is provided by paper tape, or manually input the control machine through the keyboard. When the processing object changes, in addition to corresponding tool replacement and blank clamping method In addition, as long as the processing program and paper tape of the part are reprogrammed, new parts can be automatically processed without any complicated adjustments to the machine tool. This not only saves a lot of special tooling, samples and standard samples, but also shortens the production preparation cycle. In view of the characteristics of frequent aerospace product modification and short trial production cycle requirements, the CNC machining method has special advantages.
  • 3. High processing accuracy and stable processing quality The dimensional accuracy of CNC machining is usually between 0.005 and 0.1 mm, and is not affected by the complexity of the part shape. During processing, the operator’s human error is eliminated, the consistency of the parts in the same batch is improved, and the product quality is kept stable. This provides favorable conditions for improving the assembly quality and working efficiency of products, and the scrap rate of parts is greatly reduced.
  • 4. With high production efficiency. The efficiency of CNC machining is high. On the one hand, it is due to the high degree of automation of CNC machine tools. On the other hand, the process of scribing, multiple clamping positioning, inspection and other processes is omitted during the processing process. Increased productivity.
  • 5. Easy to establish computer communication network. Because CNC machine tool uses digital information, it is easy to connect with computer-aided design system, forming an integrated system with close integration of computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Of course, there are also unfavorable conditions in the application of CNC machining methods. This is that CNC machine tools are expensive and technically complex, and require high maintenance and programming techniques for machine tools. In order to improve the utilization rate of machine tools and maintain good economic benefits, it is necessary to effectively solve the processing. Programming, tool supply, training of programming and operation and maintenance personnel, and ordering of spare parts.

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