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Action requirements of CNC machine tool manipulator

The CNC machine tool manipulator will change, amplify and adjust according to the received displacement and speed instructions, and then transfer it to the motion unit. The running status is detected in real time through the optical fiber sensor. During the high-speed handling process, the moving parts are in a very short time. It can reach a given speed within a high-speed stroke, and can stop instantly in high-speed travel. Through the interpolation operation of a high-resolution absolute encoder, the influence of mechanical errors and measurement errors on motion accuracy is controlled. Because the workpieces to be conveyed are different and the quality is also different, there are many specifications and series of CNC machine tool manipulators. When selecting, it is selected according to the quality of the conveyed workpiece and the processing beat. However, the arm of the manipulator and the clamping method are designed according to the shape and structure of the workpiece to be conveyed and the clamping method of the machine tool fixture.

my country has formulated the precision standards for CNC machine tools, among which CNC machine tool lifting table machining centers have professional standards. The standard stipulates that the positioning accuracy of its linear motion coordinates is 0.04/300mm, the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.025mm, and the milling precision is 0.035mm. In fact, the factory precision of the machine tool has a considerable reserve, which is about 20 less than the allowable error value of the national standard. Therefore, from the perspective of precision selection, general CNC machine tools can meet the processing needs of most parts. For parts with high precision requirements, you should consider choosing a precision CNC machine tool.

In the production of CNC machine bed sheets, they are generally processed by blanks. Therefore, there will be interference of excess blanks during the reverse machining and centering, and other tools are needed to meet the requirements. Through many years of practice, it has been found that although the ordinary reverse centering method can also meet the requirements, it has problems such as cumbersome operation, long time occupied by the machine, inconvenient observation, low precision, and interference of individual types of parts in the jaws of the vise. Greatly affect the processing efficiency and cnc machining accuracy,