Ceramic Machining Method

For ceramic materials, due to their special physical and mechanical properties, initially they can only be processed by grinding methods. With the development of mechanical machining technology, various processes similar to metal machining can now be used for CNC ceramic machining.

  1. Abrasive machining: grinding machining, polishing machining, abrasive belt machining, drum machining, ultrasonic machining, shot blasting machining, viscoelastic flow machining;
  2. Plastic machining: diamond plastic machining, diamond plastic grinding;
  3. Chemical machining: etching, chemical grinding, chemical polishing;
  4. Electrical machining: EDM, electron beam machining, ion beam machining, plasma machining;
  5. Compound machining: lithography machining, ELID grinding, ultrasonic grinding, ultrasonic grinding, ultrasonic electrical discharge machining;
  6. Optical machining: laser machining.
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