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  • China’s casting history

    Casting is one of the basic processes of the modern machinery manufacturing industry, so the development of the casting industry marks a country’s production strength. China has now become one of the world’s major foundry machinery, has made great achievements in the foundry machinery manufacturing industry in recent years. During the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” period, foundry machinery manufacturing was highly valued by the former Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. It invested the largest special technical reform loan and research expenses since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and supported the development and development of products in the

  • Operation Rules Of Gantry Machining Center

    Operation Rules Of Gantry Machining Center

    Gantry machining center has fixed beam type (fixed beam, moving/rotating table), moving beam type (beam moving up and down, moving table forward and backward), moving column type (fixed table, moving gantry frame), crane type (working The table is fixed and the beam moves) There are also multiple types of gantry machining centers in the above composite form. Processing characteristics, capabilities, and targeted product processing uses are not exactly the same. Refers to a machining center where the axis of the spindle is perpendicular to the table, and is mainly suitable for machining large parts. Operating procedures:

  • How to complete the tool change of vertical milling machine

    How to complete the tool change of vertical milling machine

    At present, most of them are mainly boring and milling, which are used to process box parts with complex shapes that need to be processed on multiple sides and multiple processes. In addition, turning centers and EDM machine tools that can automatically replace electrodes have also been quite developed. In addition to being able to complete all the processing procedures of the horizontal lathe, the turning center can also mill the keyway and drill due to the power tool holder. The vertical column can move forward and backward along the horizontal rail of the bed, and the rotary table can

  • Programming of CNC Lathe in Linear System

    Programming of CNC Lathe in Linear System

    The thin composite upper backing plate protecting the copper foil laminate protects the impact of the pressure foot on the copper-clad laminate. Due to the use of such an upper backing plate, it is possible to prevent the chips attached to the pressure foot from being forcibly forced onto the surface and small holes to be drilled.Do not break the drill bit. If the material of the upper pad is not selected properly, there will be residues privately attached to the edge of the drill bit or the chip chute when drilling, uneven cat knot residues on the drill bit

  • Features of CNC machining process

    Features of CNC machining process

  • The Price Of Swiss Cnc Machine

    The Price Of Swiss Cnc Machine

    After more than ten years of development in the domestic, Swiss machine has appeared many manufacturers of walking machine. Therefore, the price of the machine is not fixed, and the price of different configurations of the same model is also very different, but from the current price of the machine, the difference is mainly in several aspects. The price difference of Swiss machine Therefore, when choosing advance cnc machine, you can’t just look at the price of the machine, the price of the machine of the same model with different manufacturers has a certain gap, but it will not be

  • How to use a CNC machining center to mill a circle

    How to use a CNC machining center to mill a circle

    How to program the milling circle of the machining center:First, you must figure out whether it is milling the inner or outer ring. If it is a milling inner circle, then what you are talking about is the diameter of a milling machine with a diameter of 16, the first thing is to determine the actual circle radius of the machine tool, that is, the Say mill 90 circle, the first is to determine its radius is 45, then the tool must be counted, 16 knives, the radius is 8, is the radius of the front knife 45 minus the

  • Cnc Machine Spindle Failure Reason

    Cnc Machine Spindle Failure Reason

    Cnc Mill is also the machining center we often say. It has high automation and high precision characteristics and plays an important role in modern  cnc manufacturing. Many unexpected things often occur in the machining process of Cnc Mill, and the failure of the spindle is one of them. Spindle failure will affect the normal processing of the machine tool or smooth workpieces. We must analyze the reasons comprehensively and find a solution to the problem. 1. Cnc Mill spindle heats up and rotation accuracy decreases In the case of this kind of problem, the precision of the processed hole

  • Main classification of CNC gantry grinder

    Main classification of CNC gantry grinder

    With the increase in the number of high-precision and high-hardness mechanical parts, as well as the development of precision casting and precision forging processes, the performance, variety and output of grinders are constantly improving and growing. According to the movement characteristics and technological requirements of the grinder, there are the following requirements for electric drive and control:

  • Thread milling

    Thread milling

    The benefits of using CNC machining centers to process workpieces are well understood by everyone. There is still a mysterious veil for the operation and programming of CNC machining centers. Thread milling is the use of thread milling tools for the processing of large hole threads, as well as the processing of thread holes for more difficult materials. It has the following characteristics: The advantage of thread milling is that it has a CNC system. With the participation of the CNC system, programmers can compile specific processing programs according to different textures, processing requirements, and equipment characteristics of the workpiece

  • What is the procedure for precision parts machining?

    What is the process of precision parts machining? Only in accordance with the step-by-step process can get better results, especially when machining precision parts, so we have to understand these. Today I will come to learn with you what the process of precision parts advance cnc machining is, as follows: First, The arrangement of the machining sequence of precision parts should be considered according to the structure of the parts and the status of the blanks, as well as the needs of positioning and clamping. The important point is that the rigidity of the workpiece is not destroyed. Second, tool

  • Questions to pay attention to when buying a CNC machining center

    Questions to pay attention to when buying a CNC machining center

    CNC machining center is a relatively expensive piece of equipment, especially for manufacturers who need to purchase more than one machine. When we purchase equipment, it is best to have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment in advance, and then follow the following principles to purchase, then I believe that manufacturers will have a better harvest when they buy CNC machining centers. Process adaptability principleWhen buying a CNC machining logo center, we need to know in advance the size of the workpiece we need to process, the machining effect, and the object to be processed to ensure that the machining