How to use a CNC machining center to mill a circle

How to program the milling circle of the machining center:
First, you must figure out whether it is milling the inner or outer ring. If it is a milling inner circle, then what you are talking about is the diameter of a milling machine with a diameter of 16, the first thing is to determine the actual circle radius of the machine tool, that is, the Say mill 90 circle, the first is to determine its radius is 45, then the tool must be counted, 16 knives, the radius is 8, is the radius of the front knife 45 minus the tool radius 8, and 37 is the actual number of the machine tool to take, milling 90 rounds. Remember, the center of the machine tool spindle and the center of the tool are the same. So we must subtract the radius of the tool. Otherwise, the radius of the tool will be added to the milling circle. The programming is: GO G9O G54 X0 Y0; GO Z100; G01 Z- (how much you set) F2000; GO2 X-37 YO F2000; G0 Z100; maybe so, there are other ways to use me to determine the center point of the circle Editing method. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that sometimes the circle is larger than a knife, then it must be divided into two minutes or minutes. It is necessary to calculate the radius of the machine circle, that is, just change 37. No longer used, I will know if I try more on the machine.
How to process CNC machining center:
IJK programming is a three-point rounding method. IJK refers to the relative position of the center of the circle from the starting point of the arc!
G90 (G91) G17 G00 IP_ (X/Y/Z value); (Quick positioning to initial point)
S_ M03; (spindle forward)
G02 (G03) (clockwise or counterclockwise) I (J) (distance from the initial point to the center X or Y axis) (I and J can only be used when milling circles and have a positive and negative radius code R failure);
Format: G92 X_ Y_ Z_
X鲲Y鲲Z鲲is the coordinate of the current tool point in the workpiece coordinate system.
1 Kun G92 command establishes the coordinate system by setting the position of the tool starting point relative to the origin of the workpiece coordinate to be established. 2. Once the coordinate system is established, the absolute coordinate command position of the subsequent sequence is the coordinate value in the workpiece coordinate system.
Example: G92 X20 Y10 Z10
The established machining origin is at the starting point of the tool
X=-20, Y=-10, Z=-10, as shown in Figure a.
(2)Kun’s absolute value programming G90 and incremental value programming G91
Format: G90 G00/G01 X-Y-Z-G91 G00/G01 X- Y- Z-
Note: U KunW cannot be used for incremental programming in milling machine programming. If used, it is expressed as U axis Kun W axis. Example: When the tool moves from the origin to 1 kun 2 kun 3 points, use the G90 kun G91 instruction to program.
How to mill an internal milling circle without machining marks:
The feed uses a semi-circle, and the end also uses a semi-circle, that is, the tool path is large and small, two tangential circles are full, and the tangent point is horizontal or vertical. Start the machining point and end the machining point in the horizontal or vertical direction of the small circle. First, rough the hole using a slotted tool path, and then use shape milling. Note that the tangential arc advances and retracts the knife and sets the amount of overlap to 1 mm. Basically, the knife marks are not obvious!
How to make milling circle of Mitsubishi machining center?
Just like Fannak programming! To mill the inner circle, use the radius of the circle to reduce the radius of the tool! The outer ring is the radius! For example, using a 10 cutter to mill 40 taxis in a circle is 20-5! Then X15.Y0. ; G43H1Z50.M3S800; Z3.G1Z-5.F70; G2I-15; G0Z50. It’s ok!
How to program the arc of vertical machining center?
Circular interpolation instruction

  1. G02 clockwise circular interpolation: along the tool feed path, the arc is clockwise.
  2. G03 counterclockwise circular interpolation: along the tool feed path, the arc is counterclockwise.
    Arc radius programming
  3. Format: G02/G03X_Y_Z_R_F;
  4. Move to the initial point of the arc;
  5. G02/G03 + arc end point coordinate + R arc radius.
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