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Maintenance method of cylindrical grinder

Cylindrical grinders can effectively check the screws. If they are loose, they need to be tightened in time, and the attachments should be cleaned to maintain cleanliness. The equipment needs to smooth the smooth parts. Pay attention to the smoothness in place during use. It can be guaranteed that the machine can operate normally. Cylindrical grinders can effectively check the spindle pores, whether they need to be adjusted during use, the feed organization and the longitudinal manual organization of the work table should be checked, if there is any doubt, and how smooth is it. Check and clean the oil tank and filter to prevent the appearance of blockage.

The wheel carriage guide rail of the cylindrical grinder adopts the cross-roller rigid guide rail. The equipment adopts its semi-automatic feeding mechanism and its rotary oil cylinder. The tailstock shaft system of the equipment has the characteristics of gap-free rigidity. The electrical box, the hydraulic box cooling box and the The machine is separated. The bearing of the grinding wheel spindle of the cylindrical grinder effectively adopts its tapered shaped oil wedge dynamic pressure bearing. During operation, the spindle of the grinding wheel still has high bearing rigidity at low speed. The grinding wheel carriage guide adopts a cross-roller rigid guide. . Under normal circumstances, the cylindrical grinder has a grinding indicator and a coolant filter to a certain extent. The headstock speed of the equipment has the AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. The electrical of the entire equipment adopts a programmable program controller. It has the function of self-diagnosis when in use.

The correct operation and maintenance of CNC equipment can prevent abnormal wear of the machine tool and avoid sudden failure of the cylindrical grinder. Careful maintenance of the external cylindrical grinder can maintain the long-term stability of the machining accuracy of the machine tool and extend the service life of the machine tool. This work must be highly valued and executed from the management level of the factory! Let’s share with you the maintenance methods of cylindrical grinders (Daquan).
Responsible person for maintenance of cylindrical grinde

  • 1. The operator is responsible for the use, maintenance and basic maintenance of the equipment;
  • 2. Equipment maintenance personnel are responsible for equipment maintenance and necessary maintenance;
  • 3. Workshop management personnel are responsible for supervising all operators and equipment maintenance in the entire cnc machining shop.