Matters needing attention when casting molding

  • 1. Try to put most or all of the castings in the lower mold, so that the main mud core can be placed in the lower mold, which is convenient for the placement and inspection of the mud core, and the height of the upper mold can be reduced, which is convenient for boxing. It is the choice of casting parting surface. It will put all castings into the lower type to avoid wrong boxes and ensure the quality of castings.
  • 2. The processing surface and processing reference surface of the casting should be placed in the same casting mold. During machining, the square head (fixture clamp) on the upper part of the large casting is used as the reference for turning the thread on the externally trapped surface. Since the processing surface and the processing reference surface are in the same upper shape, it reduces the number of errors caused by the wrong box. The processing allowance is insufficient.
  • 3. When there are many machining surfaces of the casting, and it is impossible to place them on the same side of the parting surface as the reference surface, try to make the reference surface of the processing and most of the machining surfaces on the same side of the parting surface.
  • 4. The mold should be easy to remove from the mold, and try to reduce the living block mold, tall hanging sand and curved parting surface.
  • 5. Minimize the use of mud cores. This can save the work of manufacturing and placing the mud core, and can also reduce the errors and the resulting drape, and reduce the manufacturing cost of castings.
  • 6. Unprocessed surfaces of castings should be avoided as much as possible. No shavings can be seen on the outer surface of the sleeve that is not processed, which improves the appearance quality of the casting.
  • 7. The parting surface of the mold should be as consistent as possible with the pouring position. In this way, it is possible to avoid turning the mold after the box is closed. Because the box turning operation is a very heavy work, at the same time, when turning the large casting mold, the position of the mud core may be moved, affecting the accuracy of the casting or causing defects.
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