Numerical control machine tool filter type and principle analysis

The metal cutting process can produce the following three types of oil mist

  • 1. The clean oil mist generated by the jet impact does not contain solid dust.
  • 2.Smoke generated by evaporation or burning due to the high temperature of heating or high-speed cutting;
  • 3. Oil mist containing grinding dust and metal dust generated by metal cutting fluid spray during grinding

The oil mist is generated in different ways, and the particle diameter range is also quite different. Under normal circumstances, the oil mist produced by the mechanical atomization process mainly exists in the form of droplets, and the diameter of the droplets has a wide range, usually 2 to 10um. The oil vapor generated by evaporation will also form a very small diameter condensate suspension during the condensation process, and the particle size is usually below 2um.

Purification principle of machine tool oil mist purifier

The design of this equipment consists of a directional collection network, which selects the most suitable filter structure and material for different media. The solid particles in the atomization are thoroughly filtered and intercepted in the front stage, which greatly reduces the pressure of multi-stage filtration and purification at the rear end and extends the service life of the filter.

This equipment adopts filtering, high and low pressure charged ion adsorption and ozone oxidation treatment methods to achieve the effect of purification rate of more than 99.8%, creating a clean environment for production and life. This equipment has the characteristics of large air volume and high dust collection efficiency. It adopts high voltage (above 10kV, even up to 60kV), wide pole distance (30 ~ 60mm), most corona poles are burr-shaped, star-like, and there are many dust collection Plate type, tube type, etc.

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