Programming of CNC Lathe in Linear System

The thin composite upper backing plate protecting the copper foil laminate protects the impact of the pressure foot on the copper-clad laminate. Due to the use of such an upper backing plate, it is possible to prevent the chips attached to the pressure foot from being forcibly forced onto the surface and small holes to be drilled.
Do not break the drill bit. If the material of the upper pad is not selected properly, there will be residues privately attached to the edge of the drill bit or the chip chute when drilling, uneven cat knot residues on the drill bit in circular motion, when the drill bit is drilling Vibrating and forcing the cutting motion away from the original axis reduces the accuracy of the position of the drill hole and roughens the hole wall, causing grooves in the hole wall. The double-track and greasy lines can even jam the drill bit and break the drill bit.
Improving hole position accuracy The position accuracy of drilling depends on the accuracy of aligning the center of the hole when the drill bit first contacts the upper plate. A solid plate with a high surface hardness can be used as an upper backing plate to prevent burrs on the upper surface. However, because the upper backing plate is too hard, the drill bit may slip at the moment of contact with it, making the hole position inaccurate. The softer solid backing plate guarantees alignment accuracy but is not burr-proof.
Due to the engineering structure and material selection of the thin composite upper backing plate, when the drill bit contacts with it immediately, the drill bit will not be offset. As long as the positioning accuracy of the X and Y axes of the CNC drilling machine and the radial runout of the spindle meet the requirements, they will be self-aligned. Guaranteed hole position accuracy.
Cool the drill bit. Reduce the drilling temperature. The thin composite upper backing plate without greasy holes can quickly take away the heat generated by the drill while drilling, reducing the drilling temperature, so that clean, high-quality holes can be drilled and the cutting edge Wear is minimized.

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