Questions to pay attention to when buying a CNC machining center

CNC machining center is a relatively expensive piece of equipment, especially for manufacturers who need to purchase more than one machine. When we purchase equipment, it is best to have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment in advance, and then follow the following principles to purchase, then I believe that manufacturers will have a better harvest when they buy CNC machining centers.

Process adaptability principle
When buying a CNC machining logo center, we need to know in advance the size of the workpiece we need to process, the machining effect, and the object to be processed to ensure that the machining center we choose can meet the machining requirements we need.

Market share principle
For a brand with a high market share, relatively speaking, we can be sure that the quality of this product is a product that has been market-proven and recognized by the public. Even so, we have to observe whether the brand’s products meet the national standard of mean time between failures (specified as 500h)

Principles of Optimal Configuration
In order to ensure the rigidity and stability of the machine tool and the efficiency of machining, we can optimize the configuration of the machining center that needs to be purchased, and we must not buy inferior products that are good enough for the sake of cheap. We can request CNC machining logo center manufacturers to provide a list of various key supporting products and manufacturers (attached to the contract) to prevent CNC equipment manufacturers from being shoddy. Affect the quality of the whole machine.

After-sales perfection principle
It is very important for us to consider whether the after-sales service network of the machining center manufacturer is complete. If the after-sales service is not timely enough, or the manufacturer has no after-sales maintenance outlets in the local area or the province, then we do not recommend buying in principle.

The price of CNC equipment mainly depends on the advanced level of technology, quality and precision, and the level of configuration. We must conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the price of CNC machining logo centers, and we must not blindly pursue low prices. When buying, we have to make multiple comparisons, and finally hope that everyone can buy a suitable CNC machining center.

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