The Characteristics Of The CNC Machining Center Technology

The machining center is a highly mechanical and electrical integration product. After the workpiece is clamped, the CNC system can control the machine tool to automatically select, change the tool, automatically set the tool, automatically change the spindle speed, feed, etc. according to different processes, which can continuously complete drilling, boring, Milling, reaming, tapping (tools: tapping or tapping) and other processes, which greatly reduces the time for auxiliary processes such as workpiece clamping time, measurement and machine tool adjustment. The processing shape is more complicated and the accuracy (precision) is more demanding High, frequently changed parts have good economic effects.
Process characteristics and requirements of the machining center:

  • (1) It can reduce the number of clamping of the workpiece, eliminate the positioning error caused by multiple clamping, and improve the processing accuracy (accuracy)
  • (2) The number of machine tools can be reduced, and the number of operators is reduced accordingly, and the occupied workshop area is spared.
  • (3) It can reduce the turnover times and the workload of transportation and shorten the production cycle.
  • (4) Use various tools for multi-process centralized processing. When designing the process, it is necessary to deal with the interference of the tool with the workpiece, fixture and even the relevant parts of the machine tool during tool change and processing. CNC machining is a process method for parts processing on CNC machine tools. The process specifications of CNC machine tool processing and traditional machine tool processing are generally the same, but obvious changes have also occurred. Mechanical processing method that uses digital information to control parts and tool displacements. It is an effective way to solve the problems of parts variety, small batch size, complex shape, high precision, etc., and to achieve efficient and automated processing.
  • (5) If roughing and finishing are performed continuously on the machining center, the fixture must be able to adapt to the requirements of high cutting force, high rigidity and large clamping force during roughing, as well as the positioning accuracy (accuracy) during finishing High, the requirement of clamping deformation of parts is as small as possible. CNC machining CNC is also known as computer gong, CNCCH or CNC machine tool. It is actually a name from Hong Kong, which greatly reduces the number of tooling. CNC machining of parts with complex shapes does not require complicated tooling. CNC machining is a new type of processing technology and the main work It is to compile the processing program, that is, to convert the original manual to computer programming. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.
  • (6) Due to the use of automatic tool change and automatic rotary table for multi-station machining, it was decided that the horizontal machining center can only perform cantilever machining.
  • (7) The centralized processing of multiple processes must deal with the chips in time.
  • (8) In the process of processing the blank into a finished product, the parts cannot be aged and the internal stress is difficult to eliminate. (9) The technology is complex and the requirements for use, maintenance and management are high. In numerical control processing, the control system sends out instructions to make the cutter perform various movements that meet the requirements, and expresses the processing of technical requirements and processing requirements such as the shape and size of the workpiece in the form of numbers and letters. It generally refers to the process of processing parts on CNC machine tools.

In order to improve production automation, shorten programming time and reduce CNC machining costs, a series of advanced CNC machining technologies have also been developed and used in the aerospace industry.

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