The Control of the Spindle of CNC Floor Boring and Milling Machine

When starting the spindle, first close the power switch QS1. Turn the reversing switch QS2 to the direction of rotation required on the spindle, then press the start button SB1 or SB2, turn on the contactor KM1, and the spindle motor of the vertical mill starts. When stopping the vertical milling machine spindle, press the stop button SB3 or SB4 to cut off the power supply line of the contactor KM1, cut off the power supply of the vertical milling machine spindle motor, and simultaneously turn on the vertical milling machine spindle brake clutch YB, under the action of the clutch , Zhou Zhu stopped rotating immediately.

In order to make the gears easy to mesh during speed change, the spindle motor of the vertical milling machine must be instantaneously rotated. When the shifting handle is pushed back to the original position, the stroke switch SQ7 is pressed to momentarily turn on the contactor KM1, and the spindle motor of the vertical milling machine instantaneously rotates. The shifting lever should be pushed back continuously and quickly to avoid damage to the gear due to excessive motor speed.

The choice of cutting tools is one of the important contents in the processing technology of CNC milling machines. Compared with the traditional processing system, the demand for cutting tools in CNC processing is higher. Not only request high precision, good rigidity and high durability, but also request the same size and convenient installation and adjustment. This requires the use of new sophisticated materials to make CNC machining tools, and optimize tool parameters.

When the tool is drawn, the size of the tool should conform to the general size and shape of the workpiece to be processed. In production, end mills are often used for processing the peripheral contours of planar parts. When milling a plane, you should choose a carbide insert milling cutter; when machining a boss or a groove, choose a high-speed steel end mill; when machining a rough profile or rough machining a hole, you can choose a carbide-insulated corn milling cutter.

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