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The Development Status of CNC Horizontal Lathe

The research and development and production of large-scale CNC horizontal lathes are relatively small in China, but there are also large-scale CNC machining centers that have filled the domestic gap in some high-tech fields. The research and development of large-scale machining centers means that domestically-made high-efficiency large-scale CNC machining centers are catching up with foreign trends. And it has surpassed similar foreign machining centers in the main evaluation indicators, which has played a very active role in promoting and leading the development of the domestic machine tool industry. At the same time, the successful development of large-scale CNC horizontal lathes has provided tremendous technical support for improving the overall level of China’s equipment manufacturing industry and promoting the development of China’s large-scale shipbuilding industry, wind power, hydropower and other energy industries, and has great strategic significance. The benefit is very significant.

Although gears have a long history, gear technology in the true sense began in the 19th century. After theoretically recognizing the superiority of involutes, the emergence of hard steel tools made cast gears that have gone through thousands of years into history, thus establishing the modern The basis of gear CNC horizontal lathe processing technology; in the late 19th century, the invention of CNC horizontal lathe machining center and gear shaper based on the principle of generation solved the problem of mass production of high-precision gears and satisfied the development of automobiles. The huge demand for gears. In the past 100 years, materials and manufacturing technology have been the main driving forces for the rapid development of gear technology.

The movement resistance of the worktable (or tool post) of the CNC horizontal lathe is too large, which is generally caused by too tight adjustment of the inserts and poor lubrication of the surface of the machine tool rail. This failure phenomenon is generally manifested as irregular changes in the size of parts within a few wires. The inspection can be carried out by observing the size and change of the position deviation of DGN800-804. Usually, the difference is large when the forward and reverse directions are stationary. Such failures only need to re-adjust the molding and improve the lubrication of the guide rail. The rolling bearings of CNC horizontal lathes are worn or adjusted improperly, resulting in excessive movement resistance. This fault phenomenon is also usually manifested as an irregular change in size within a few threads. The inspection can be carried out by the position deviation of DGN800-804, the method is the same as above. Such failures only need to replace the worn bearings and carefully adjust, the failure can be eliminated. The screw gap or gap compensation amount of CNC horizontal lathe is improper, the fault can be eliminated by adjusting the gap or changing the gap compensation value