The Machine Characteristics Of Vertical Machining Centers

1. High rigidity structure

  • a. All large parts of the vertical machining center are closed box-shaped structure, thick walls and multiple ribs, high-quality gray cast iron resin sand casting, through multiple stress relief process.
  • b. The vertical machining center of VMC500 high-speed precision drilling adopts the linear rolling guide rail. Its positioning speed is very high and the positioning is very accurate. The saddle has no overhang during the whole stroke.

2. Excellent manufacturing

The vertical machining center of VMC500 high-speed tip-dense drilling, when it leaves the factory, its positioning accuracy of motion coordinates and city-recovery positioning accuracy all pass the inspection, and its means are scientific and the data is reliable.

3. High precision rigid spindle

  • a.The bearings of the main shaft of the vertical machining center use a set of pre-loaded high-precision bevel ball bearings. The BT40 bearing configuration gives the main shaft the maximum rigidity and the highest accuracy.
  • b. The spindle motor with high torque has very high output power.
  • c. The working accuracy of the spindle is very stable.

4. Very high positioning accuracy

The three-coordinate ball screw adopts a flexible coupling and an AC servo motor for direct connection, and is supported by special screw bearings. And pre-stretching before leaving the factory to ensure that the feed system has no gap, high rigidity, and stable work dryness.

5. Efficient and reliable automatic tool changer

  • a. Adopt the automatic tool changer of the bucket type, the tool exchange is fast, stable and reliable.
  • b. The tool magazine can be equipped with 8, 10, and 12 BT30 cutting tools.
  • c. The maintainability of the tool change system is good.

6. Adopt high-reliability accessory components

7. Mechatronics design

Full AC digital servo. It has good control performance, simple maintenance and easy operation. It can realize bidirectional compensation of coordinate position accuracy.

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