The Price Of Swiss Cnc Machine

After more than ten years of development in the domestic, Swiss machine has appeared many manufacturers of walking machine. Therefore, the price of the machine is not fixed, and the price of different configurations of the same model is also very different, but from the current price of the machine, the difference is mainly in several aspects.

The price difference of Swiss machine

  • The price of the whole imported CNC swiss-talkie needless to say, one word is expensive, but the quality is good. At present, the imported CNC core-driving machines are mainly high-precision. Although domestic core-driving machine manufacturers can meet the requirements, there are still deficiencies in the stability of high precision.
  • All the accessories of the Swissmachine are from imported brands, but they are all assembled in China. The price is slightly lower than that of the whole imported Swissmachine. For example, Shanghai Xima Machine Tool Technology Co., Ltd., Xima began to cooperate with Japan’s Gaoqiao machine tool Later, it gradually produced independent Swissmachines and established its own brand. Until now, it still uses the processing and assembly processes of Takahashi in Japan.
  • The price difference between the same model of different brands of domestic Swissmachines is not very large. If the price difference is very large, it is the configuration. The core configuration mainly includes spindles, bearings, guide rails, screw rods, systems, motors and other accessories Selection. However, it is not ruled out that very cheap Swissmachines, these cheap Swissmachines are manufacturers that have just started in the past two years, have no requirements for assembly and craftsmanship, as long as they can be sold, just let the money go.

Therefore, when choosing advance cnc machine, you can’t just look at the price of the machine, the price of the machine of the same model with different manufacturers has a certain gap, but it will not be too big. If the price is very low, you have to be cautious.

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