Thread milling

The benefits of using CNC machining centers to process workpieces are well understood by everyone. There is still a mysterious veil for the operation and programming of CNC machining centers.

Thread milling is the use of thread milling tools for the processing of large hole threads, as well as the processing of thread holes for more difficult materials. It has the following characteristics:

  • 1. The cutter is generally made of cemented carbide material, with high speed, high precision of milling thread, and high processing efficiency;
  • 2. The same pitch, whether it is left-hand thread or right-hand thread, can use a tool to reduce the cost of the tool;
  • 3. The thread milling method is especially suitable for the thread processing of stainless steel, copper and other difficult-to-process materials, which is easy to remove chips and cool, and can ensure the quality and safety of processing;
  • 4. There is no leading end of the tool, it is more convenient to process a blind hole with a short thread bottom hole or a hole without a recess.

The advantage of thread milling is that it has a CNC system. With the participation of the CNC system, programmers can compile specific processing programs according to different textures, processing requirements, and equipment characteristics of the workpiece through instructions to meet individual processing tasks

1. Convenient and efficient processing

When processing workpiece parts with complex shapes, the number of tooling can be greatly reduced. If you need to temporarily change the shape and size of the processed parts during the processing, you only need to modify the CNC program of the processed parts.

2. High machining quality

Numerically processed workpiece parts processed by CNC machining center have stable quality, high processing accuracy and high repeat accuracy, and can be applied to modern industrial processing and manufacturing fields such as aerospace, ship propeller, and car box parts.

3. Fast and efficient processing

Machining center is more efficient in small batch and multi-variety production because it can reduce production preparation, equipment adjustment and process inspection time. Since the machining center can perform the optimal cutting amount, the cutting time is reduced.

4, strong processing performance

Can process complex curved surfaces that are difficult to handle with conventional methods and the inside of the workpiece that cannot be observed. Such as tube mold, precision hole, medical equipment, crafts and so on.

In order to allow the machining center to maximize its advantages, it is necessary to arrange the processing order reasonably, for example: when processing box-type workpieces, the internal cavity must be processed first, and then the outer shape processing; the previous process cannot be processed Affect the positioning and clamping of the next process; preferentially execute the process with less rigidity of the workpiece.

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